fOr a vEry sPeciaL persOn….~ (^_^) ~


There are so many things
to do each day

There is so much going on in the world of great concern
that often we do not stop and think about
what is really important to us
One of the nicest things in my life
is my friendship with you
and even if we don´t have a lot of time
to spend with each other
I want you to always know
how much I appreciate you
and our friendship


One response to “fOr a vEry sPeciaL persOn….~ (^_^) ~

  • Ashikin

    erm.. guess lah tuan punyer nama yg di wish befday oleh tuan blog nie.. erm, aku terharu ayu.. tuh lah tersenyum lebar aku pagi2 ni sampai ke pipi.. thanx a lot ayu n all my dear fren.. for wishing me.. doakan kejayaan aku n kejayaan kiter bersama.. chaiyyok… ada 2 tri to finish then we GRADE.. tak sabar rasanyer… ko leh sabar tak? aku tak sabar dah rasanyer…kalo ada mesih adjust masa.. dah akucepat kan dah..huhu…thanx again.. persahabatan kiter mmg tak ternilai harganyer..

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